Annual Report 2016

Annual Report TRI front page 2016

Te Reanga Ipurangi Ōtaki Education Trust 2016 Annual Report
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The year at a glance

6 schools are part of the programme

1194 students

70% of Ōtaki tamariki now have their own chromebook

Funding awarded for progress on free wifi programme for students at home

General Manager and Whānau Coordinator funded and appointed (part-time)

Free training for teachers – Ōtaki College hosted a well-attended full-day workshop for all teachers in January 2016. It provided new teachers with good information and resources for digital teaching and learning and equipped advanced teachers with new skills and additional resources.

About the digital programme

Children have chromebooks so they can actively participate in learning both at school and at home, without waiting for a turn to use a single PC.

Children are using chromebooks to keep up with lessons when they are absent from school. Chromebooks are invaluable too, when teachers take leave, giving lesson continuity and supporting teacher/child feedback.

Digital devices are a boost to student collaboration in the classroom, and children also show particular improvements and motivation in their writing. Teachers tell us tamariki are highly motivated to learn at school and they are seeing greater engagement in home learning.

Whānau coordinator, Dale Nahkla, has been appointed to work with parents and schools. She is developing resources to aid parents and children in getting to grips with digital technology and in particular, to facilitate better home learning. Evidence shows it is the learning conversations at home that are a real boost to learning outcomes.

Chromebooks, like other digital devices, provide access to the wide world. Teacher feedback is easy and immediate. The future is digital.  NCEA external exams will be on digital devices in the very near future. And what careers don’t have a digital connection? We are on track to ensuring our rangatahi are leading the way.

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